about us


We are a group of people who like to work for the good.

We are evangelizers, we are a band, a music project, multipliers of joy and good messages, in short, many possibilities.

Our flag is Good, and together with the postulates of Jesus and the spiritist principles of Allan Kardec, we build our contents and objectives.

The origin of the word ANIMA comes from Latin, and means Soul, divine Breath, Spirit, Life.

We have our origins in 1998, in the city of Taubaté, state of São Paulo, Brazil, in carrying out music workshops with young people from the Spiritist Youth and in the work and activities in Spiritist Evangelization.

Today, our main activities are related to evangelization (children, youth and adults), holding lectures, musical lectures, seminars, courses, workshops, art events, and musical and audiovisual production, with messages dedicated to the edification of the being.

We were happy to be able to share our project with so many people throughout Brazil, and now in the US, in a variety of events.

We, Malu and Helton, together with spirituality, and friends who join us in our activities, take care of this project with great care and responsibility, always trying to do our best to make it work in both spheres: material and spiritual.