Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving :: Talking About Spiritist Education

Being grateful for all the blessings we receive in every moment is very important! During our day, we should thank for what is given to us: the air we breathe, the food we eat, the family and friends we have, and so much more!

Thanksgiving is a time to remember all those important presents God gives us, it is a time to thank for our blessings. May every day is our lives be like Thanksgiving day: days of gratitude!

659. What is the general nature of prayer?

“Prayer is an act of worship. Praying to God is a mean to think, get closer and communicate with God. A person who prays may do three things: praise, ask and offer thanks.”

660. Does prayer make humankind better?

“Yes. Those who enthusiastically and confidently pray have more strength to withstand the temptations of evil, and to get help from the good spirits sent by God to assist them in so doing. Such help is never refused when honestly asked for.” THE SPIRITS’ BOOK – Book Three – Moral Laws – Chapter II – I. Law of Worship – Prayer

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