16th US Spiritist Symposium

TIME FOR RENEWAL – Healing & Regrowth

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the US Spiritist Federation
Join us on November 5th, 2022 in Houston, Texas at the Anderson Clarke Center at Rice University

Link: https://spiritistsymposium.org/program/


10:00 am: Welcome & Greetings

Session One – Reflections

10:15 am: Step-by-step to Becoming and Integral Human Being
Presented by Jussara Korngold

10: 45 am: Living well in the Present to Shape a Better Future
Presented by Dan Assisi

Session Two – Roundtable

11:15 am: Coping with Losses
Roundtable participants:
Suzana Simoes, Beatriz Lopes, Luiz Lima, Rosana De Rosa
Moderator: Joao Korngold

12:15 pm — Lunch Break

Session Three – Roundtable

2:00 pm: The Challenges of Living a Full Life
Roundtable participants:
Lia Gouveia, Peter Hays, Marcia Trajano, Leonardo Vieira
Moderator: Ligia Carvalho

Session Four – Youth Panel

3:00 pm: Healing and Regrowth in the Youth Perspective
Panel Participants: Lara Fortes, Sophia DeOliveira, Rebecca DaSilva and Jansen Stewart
Panel Moderator: Elaine Stur

4:00 pm — Coffee Break

Session Five – USSF 25th Anniversary Celebration

4:30 pm: Commemorative Video

4:40 pm: Celebration with Representatives of USSF Administrations

5:15 pm: Musical Celebration & Children and Youth Presentation

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